Well Qualified Teachers with vast years of experience handling children with care at every stage of their schooling

Creative Teaching

Your child’s teachers will have a lasting impact on their world. The right person can uncover new interests, and give students the confidence to chase a bright future. Our teachers at Sri Sai Saraswathi Vidyaniketan School, Srinagar,  come from all around the world, but they all share a belief that an inspired student can achieve amazing things.

Go Beyond Books

Outdoor experiential teaching adds an element of fun and collaboration across all age groups. It could be a field trip or any outdoor activity that provides a fresh approach to teaching the lessons, is exciting, and promotes the retention of memories.

Role Play

Role-plays are an excellent way of encouraging and motivating children to step out of their comfort zone and develop interpersonal skills. This method is best with subjects like Literature, History, or current events.

Teacher teaching in the class

Brainstorming is a solid way to get the momentum going amongst various young and bright minds while focusing on one single idea. These sessions provide a creative platform that motivates children to express their thoughts, without being judged and learn from different viewpoints.

Real World learning

Storyboarding is a great way of visually simplifying complex topics, and it involves structured memorization or visualization of highly conceptual ideas. History can be taught through this method to recreate glorious eras by making it intriguing and interesting to the children.

Storyboard Teaching

Katha Sudha is the concept that Sri Sai Saraswathi Vidyaniketan School has adopted to build character, explore their cultural roots, and learn about diverse cultures, traditions, and values. This helps children understand how wisdom and ideas bring commonality and connection across various peoples/cultures.

A.V Tools

We at Sri Sai Saraswathi Vidyaniketan School encourage an open-minded attitude that focuses on providing a safe environment for the growth and development of a child’s character and personality. We believe in nurturing and inspiring these young minds and preparing them for their future.

Audio-Visual Tools