About Sri Sai Saraswathi Vidyaniketan School

Our Pride

Sri Sai Saraswathi Vidyaniketan School has been recognized with many prestigious awards for implementing best practices following both traditional and the latest technologies. The school is proud to wear several badges of honor like being the No. 1 CBSE school in Telangana state, for excellence in sports, and for being the safest school

About The Management

The school was established under the guidance of the Visionary Woman Late Smt. Bandapalli Chandramma was the corporator of the Rahamathnagar division of Jubilee Hills constituency, Hyderabad. She had always desired to establish a school and the result is, today stands Sri Sai Saraswathi

Founded by Mr. Bhavani Shankar is a great Philanthropist who believes in reaching out education to all categories of students in the society. Mr. Bhavani Shankar takes the best possible efforts to build a conducive atmosphere for the education of the children. 

Those of us here at SSSV are of the opinion that this helps children develop a balanced and complete sense of who they are, which in turn inspires them to become more responsible and responsible citizens.

Time is as we know is a limited resource. If students have the aspiration to leave their mark in any area of study or life, there is only one way to do so: they must pick the appropriate path and work hard to get at their destination.
I hope all of our students will have a successful academic future, an impressive career, and a happy life.

Ms. Sirisha is the architect of the school who delves into minute details of child’s education and also the working atmosphere of the school staff. More so when a child spends maximum hours in school that has a significant impact on the future of the world. Ms. Sirisha Shankar extends her appreciation to the staff, students, and parents for their massive support in the successful running of the institution. Has been the driving force with pleasing personality to equip the students in all  necessary skills with patience and perseverance.

Education is constant and lifelong, therefore transformational changes are taken care periodically as and when necessary.

The school strives to equip its pupils with the intellectual and technological skills necessary for success. In addition, knowledge is to become a liberating experience as the child is encouraged to explore his interests, his gifts and aptitudes, and to learn to establish his ideas and social role.
We at SSSV work diligently to create more engaging and significant learning opportunities so that our students can acquire the most important skills, habits, and character traits. We see no alternative to the diligent efforts of a teacher and a pupil sitting at a table and consulting regularly in order to learn together.
The implicit promise of our SSSV School has always been a transformative education based on the greatest standards of academic performance, nourished by our SSSV ideals, and enriched by the opportunity to study in the finest settings.
I would want to take this time to congratulate the principal, faculty, and students; every effort of the team that has contributed to make learning so meaningful is greatly appreciated.

Sri Sai Saraswathi Vidyaniketan School is a remarkable institution where students from diverse backgrounds can develop academically, become involved, and have a meaningful school experience. I am convinced that an educational institution is not just about bricks, mortar, and concrete, but also about character development, mind enrichment, and life-challenging experiences. Believes more in a Experiential learning rather than as a set of instructions only from textbooks

Education is a powerful tool for social change. The successful running of the school depends on the head of the institution as the adage goes ” As is the kind so are the subjects”. I am privileged to the part of the institution and it’s my duty and responsibility to overpraise the high-level functions of the school. I believe leaders making leaders for every individual is buried in the leadership qualities along with the teachers the innate talents of students are tapped towards holistic education and just not mark-oriented academics. Keeping in Mind.

We all strive with the best efforts for the learning outcome of the children as today’s children are the future of tomorrow’s world.


Sri Sai Saraswathi Vidyaniketan School (SSSV) was established under Sri Sai Saraswathi Vidyaniketan School Educational Society (Srinagar Colony)  with specific objectives of “Experiential Learning” under 21st-century skills, each child is encouraged to develop a strong positive sense of self and develop creatively, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Sri Sai Saraswathi Vidyaniketan School is one of the best top school in Hyderabad, Yousufguda. The school was established with the vision of holistic education for students.

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Address: 8-2-231/A/501,502, 503, Srinagar Colony Main Rd, near Green Bawarchi, Krishna Nagar, Yousufguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500045.

Email: info@saisaraswathi.in

Sri Sai Saraswathi Vidyaniketan School is a co-educational, English Medium school following the CBSE syllabus till Grade VIII under the aegis of Sri Sai Saraswathi Vidyaniketan School Educational Society.

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8-2-231/A/501,502, 503, Srinagar Colony Main Rd, near Green Bawarchi, Krishna Nagar, Yousufguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500045.


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